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Eric M

Colorado electric corp did a panel upgrade, new gfi circuit for our heat pump and ran 240 to our garage and I am throughly impressed. It’s odd to say it, but the work they did is actually somehow beautiful. We were worried as they needed to add grounding and a lot of conduit around our back porch to get the job done, but looks so good it doesn’t bother us at all. Beyond that, Dan and his team were great. They were professional , always on time, friendly and took our feedback seriously.

Overall I highly recommend Colorado electric corp!

Steve H

Matthew with Colorado Electric Corp just left my house in Denver. He was sent to my house this morning to install a power supply to my new heat pump mini split system. He arrived early, and spoke with me for several minutes, explaining what he was going to do from my main entrance panel to the location of the new heat pumps. We discussed his ideas, and he also offered me three different options.
I really enjoyed his patience, and thoroughness in coming up with a very professional looking installation, that didn't affect any of the other penetrations or downspouts or fencing that was in his way.
Once he began to work, he was on task, and very detailed and mythical with his product and craftsmanship. He also worked closely with the other contractors that were installing the mini splits. He finished his work and clean up and made a point of showing me his finished work, which looks amazing, and answered all my questions.
I was very impressed and a happy customer. I would absolutely use him again.
Thanks Matthew.

Steve H


Dan with Colorado Electric is AMAZING! He helped me with my basement and kitchen remodel. He helped me design the lighting layout in my basement. He was very knowledgeable and precise. He explained the different types of lighting options and the benefits of each. He offered several layouts for the Feng shui of my basement. He ran all new wiring for the lights and outlets. I was impressed with how nice his work was despite the fact that it was going to be hidden behind drywall. He was very clean and left no trace that he was ever there. He was very efficient and completed the job quicker than I expected. The price was very affordable. I would absolutely recommend Colorado Electric, they are always my first call!